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This list is no longer updated. Many vendors of printers and scanners have adopted driverless technologies such as AirPrint, and they are no longer providing drivers for new devices.

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If your printer was made in the last several years, it probably doesn't require a driver. This list is provided for reference purposes and is no longer being updated. Learn about AirPrint and the devices that support it. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products.

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Contact the vendor for additional information. A t the time of writing this review the Epson Stylus Photo has in theory been available for "approximately" 7 months. However, with this particular printer reality differs from theory by anywhere between 5 and 6 months. OK there were some not many who managed to obtain a printer in July, August, September or October, but for most the printer was just a "backorder dream". That was until November when finally Epson managed to begin shipping in quantity. I had ordered my unit in early June actually from 3 different outlets.

At that time there were no reviews to whip up the "must-have" frenzy we later witnessed, so expectations were high that a printer would shortly arrive - I was to be disappointed for as long as most and longer than a few. Was the Photo worth the wait? What follows are my thoughts having used the Photo on a daily basis for the best part of two months and means that my comments are based on a broad range of workflows and image types. Photo print quality up to x dpi.

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Long lasting lightfast prints suitable for professional re-sale or gallery display. Optional Matte Black for improved print density on selected media Individual ink cartridges for maximum ink efficiency. USB 2. Note: many of the graphics used on this page have been downloaded from various Epson web sites. Top left to Bottom right. The screenshot above illustrates four of the features that Epson believe will help the Photo meet the needs of professional users. That said I think the only advantage of the faster ports is quicker "spooling" rather than quicker printing. The manual feed for thick paper is useful, but still doesn't work with Mac OS X.

The same can be said of direct CDR printing. As a Mac OS X user I'm beginning to think Epson engineers managed a minor miracle when they figured a way of making the ink flow through to the paper - OK enough of my sarcasm and on with the serious part of the review.

There is also an option to swap out the Photo Black cartridge and replace it with Matte Black. Epson claim that the two types of black have been developed to satisfy the needs of the photographic and fine-art markets. Within the Utility section of the driver the user can decide upon Single Cut or Double Cut action for roll paper. When used with Windows or Mac OS 9 they both appear to function as described in the manual. I'm sure those who chose purchase their media in rolls will find both items useful.

Well that would because Photo is not sold anywhere except North America and as such I don't have access to said model. Nevertheless, the main differences at least those I know about between the Photo and can be summarised as follows:. Epson North America claim that the Photo supports printing on Premium Glossy media Photo supports an extended color mode called Epson Natural Color Most of what you will find written on page 2 will apply to the Photo It's also worth mentioning that with Mac OS 9 and OS X the Epson will not be recognised unless the appropriate drivers are installed.

Trying to trick the printer into life with the Photo driver will not work. With the Photo P we got used to the idea of year inks but now we find Epson telling us that up to 75 years is really good, but of course there are the caveats:. Lightfastness - the lightfastness of printed images is influenced by a range of different factors, the most important of which are:. Light - natural or artificial; high or low powered Humidity - the levels of moisture in the atmosphere Temperature Atmospheric pollutants In order to establish an accurate measurement for lightfastness, EPSON have established stringent test conditions which have been used to determine an accurate figure.

Epson indicate direct support for the following media types:. With all the Epson "techno waffle" and hardware attachments dealt we can now progress to how the Photo actually performs. With the introduction of the Photo Epson appear to have been more generous with documentation and guidance HTML based , which probably reflects that it's a more complex printer to get up and going. The various leaflets and HTML based user guides should help the user configure the hardware and software for optimum use. The actual printer driver has changed little from that used with earlier printer models which is a great pity - many of the silly mistakes of the past remain and a few new ones have been added.

EcoTank comes with a RIDICULOUS amount of ink.

Since the bulk of this web sites readership uses Microsoft Windows I will use the Windows driver in the screenshots. Media choice is via the usual pop-down window and comprises five choices plus CDR.

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These choices may differ slightly depending upon whether the Photo Black or Matte Black cartridge is installed. Furthermore, I have been informed that the Photo produces good results on a range of Lyson Fine Art papers. They also warn against the use of non Epson media and suggest that some older Epson media might not work well with the Photo Epson Photo Media Options. With some media choices "Bronzing" can be a problem - What's "Bronzing"? You can see it by tilting the print at an acute angle whereupon you'll observe weird surface effects. It can be reduced but not eliminated. It's a problem that Epson are still trying to resolve. The way to reduced it is to reduce the " Color Density " setting found in the " Paper Configuration " dialog. Values between -5 and appear to produce the best results. Use Paper Configuration to reduce Bronzing! Out of the very large box the Photo produces very nice color prints. That is assuming the user knows how to configure Photoshop. BTW: comprehensive instructions on configuring Photoshop and printing can be found elsewhere on this web site.

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Actually our perception of color accuracy really depends upon the viewing light source , and other than the Photo P before it no other Epson Photo printer comes close to confusing or should that be confounding the uninitiated inkjet user. If we assume that the monitor is accurately calibrated then most users can expect to obtain reasonably color accurate prints without much effort. However, to expect perfection is asking too much. Your first print s might appear mildly magenta or green and to assume that they actually are would be a mistake - give them 30 minutes and then view the prints under a range of lighting types - e.

What you are seeing is a characteristic of the pigment based inks and is usually referred to as "metamerism". It isn't anywhere near as bad as the case with the Photo P but it is an issue, albeit minor. Like all previous pigment based ink-sets the prints will tend to appear low in contrast lack punch. The color gamut of the Photo far exceeds that of printers folk think look better. The use of the 7th ink - Light Black - ensures that shadows extend further than ever before and explain s the almost endless range of shadow detail that we can now print.

Shadows " blocking " or " sooting up " is not an issue with the Photo Photo-realistic mode rather than the Automatic not available with Mac OS X is the default color mode. Photo-realistic works in the same way as it did with all previous Photo series printers and has been optimised for photographic images.

Vivid is the last option and is best suited to graphic images. The default gamma setting is 1. If you find yourself having to adjust any of the sliders by much more than few units then I really would question the accuracy of your monitor calibration.

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