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How to fix an external disk drive that won't show up on a Mac
Western digital hard drive problems and data recovery

It is recommended to change the port or check by connecting hard drive to another computer. Cross check how it is working or not. Power supply is the problem you can switch it with a new one. Physical Damage: External hard drives are prone to physical damage. It is appreciated if you maintain a specific place for all your external hard drives.

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In the situation of SD cards or flash drive maintaining a container will also prevent them from losing. Considering the problem is due to hardware, you can repair damaged external storage device by consulting a hardware expert. Software Issues: If none of the previously discussed situations is your problem, then it is because of software. Which can be.

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Create new partition: If you are connecting external storage drive for the first time it is because the drive is never been formatted. You can go to disk management and create a new partition on the external hard drive and assign it with a drive letter.

After completion of the process, your computer will recognize the drive. Out Dated Drivers: Device drivers are responsible for smooth interaction between hard drives and computer. Outdated or bad drivers will fail to recognize the external hard drive.

Why isn't My Passport drive showing up on Mac?

You can easily resolve it by updating drivers or reinstalling with new. Raw Partition: A device with Raw Partition means the entire file system of a storage device is crashed. Regardless of which OS you are working on if the file system is crashed your computer will not detect the storage device.

Fixing a RAW drive is a simple process. You just need to format the external hard drive with a new file system using disk management. You can access disk management through the start menu. Once you are in the disk management , you can see all the available devices. Select the unrecognized external storage device and format it with a new file system. First, you need to back up the contents of storage device before formatting.

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You can find out how to recover data from undetected hard drive in the next section. Unrecognized or not detected external hard drive is a typical issue that can be fixed. However, the important thing you should remember is your crucial information on that drive is at risk.

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Recovering data from an external hard drive can be easy and here is how. SFWare partition recovery software is designed by considering all segments of users. Its robust scan algorithm is effective that it can recover data from all the data loss situations. At the same time, its easy user interface makes recovering data easy even for a beginner.

Along with that SFWare is also capable of. Fixing an unrecognized or not recognized external hard drive can be difficult but, that is not the major issue here. Whenever a storage device is at risk you should also notice that the important information is also in jeopardy. So before starting to repair external hard drive backup its contents.

WD My Passport for Mac Review

It may have been formatted incorrectly, it may be corrupted, it may have a faulty or inadequate cable, or there could be something else. If you run though the following steps you should hopefully be able to identify the cause and fix the problem. To unmount your drive you can right-click control-click on the icon on the Desktop or in the Finder and choose Eject. Apparently most drive issues are caused when the disk is removed without ejecting it properly.

Decided there is no hope for your faulty hard drive, we have a round up of some of the best we've seen here: The best Mac hard drives.

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