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Make Up By Anna Ismail: MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Lipsticks ~ My Pick

Some are all eyeshadows, others have a mix of powder, blush, bronzer or gloss. The top flips up to reveal a mirror. They are beautifully designed and the quality of the shadows are phenomenal. Bottom line the Stephanie Kaleidoscope is a beautiful luxurious treat.

If you can stop by the counter to see it in person I recommend doing so. The pink packaging is really cute. Have you checked out this kaleidoscope kit yet? Happy Tuesday everyone! I feel as though holiday beauty releases, gift sets and collections are starting to flood my e-mail inbox with daily notifications.

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I will have to make my lists and sort through them carefully before making purchases. A few things on my beauty radar this week. Neiman Marcus is having their Incircle Event so many lines have gift with purchase options. Do you have anything on your wishlist or are you waiting to see more holiday launches before splurging? Many tend to either look super pale and chalky like concealer or are too dark on me — I know everyone has a different definition of nude when it comes to makeup, but to me a true nude is a your lips but better kind of color that is light and close to your natural skintone.

Lip pencils often make it possible for me to wear lighter nude colors with blending or by creating a good softly lined base. Also like nude neutral lipsticks, lip pencils have a wide variety of different undertones: warm, cool, pink, beige, peach, plum and brown. A bit of background on what I look for in lip liners.

July 15, Do your research. The extremely long-wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out. Kylie Cosmetics reviews: First great now horrible. It has actually received a C rating, aka 2. Add to Wishlist Out of stock.


Missing package. Kylie has one full sibling, Kendall Jenner.

Kylie Jenner has issued a statement on the poor rating her company got from the Better Business Bureau. Checked out regular check out. Browse our collection of kylie cosmetics information for news stories, slideshows, opinion pieces and related videos posted on AOL. Kylie Jenner is speaking out in defense of Kylie Cosmetics after the Better Business Bureau initially gave the company an "F" rating, the lowest score possible.

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I bought mine from The Beauty Broadway for Rs. However, the customs charge was not paid by this company and I ended up with an extra bill on top of the products and shipping.

If you heard about Kylie Cosmetic's 'F' rating and were worried that it may affect her future in cosmetics, don't be. U know that lip liner is a must when doing your lips.


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Sadly, mine got damaged in the mail. When can I expect my order K The show promises us an inside look at the personal and professional life of the entrepreneur and social Went to Kylie Cosmetics website, ordered 4 lipsticks so expensive. Kylie Cosmetics has been in hot water with the BBB in the past as a During the starting days of Kylie Cosmetics, it was revealed that despite the popularity and sellout, Kylie Jenner's lip kit got an F grade from the Better Business Bureau because of customer complaints.

Missing Rating Details I contacted Kylie cosmetics and they said they apologized and to give it a few days. This is the lowest rating a company can receive. Jun 28, Kylie Cosmetics is now available at Ulta stores nationwide.

Are they worth it and do they actually work??? I have ALOT of questions about this product and Kylie Cosmetics simply aspires to create makeup cohesive with the Kylie look, much to the delight of her loyal fan base. Cosmetics Sales in Oxnard, CA. Star 5. Kylie Cosmetics has received an extremely low consumer satisfaction rating, TMZ reports. Still less than stellar.

Beautiful packaging when it arrives but the lip kits are mediocre. Following media reports about the low rating, the grade was changed to a C, then a B-. Am so glad that I waited onto kylie cosmetics were on sale to try them out. And none of these shades were available in the refill form. Also, buying shades of the same colour 9 technically to be able to create just one look did not make sense to me.

Yes and no. Yes, that buying the palette made more sense. And I did. This one is a gorgeous champagne gold in lustre finish, with tonnes of fine glitters. This also means that you have to deal with fall out. So, how to use it?

I finally figured 2 ways to work this through — one, apply it wet and pat it on. Second option is to just pat it onto the lid on an existing colour to add a touch of glamour.

Works very well as a crease shade or for all over the lid for an office appropriate look. Being matte finish, I find it stiffer and a bit difficult to work with, in terms of blending. One of the prettiest shades in the palette. Even though this does not have much relation to the burgundy theme of the palette. This one is, again, a matte finish one. The shade is obviously a brown but with red undertones. This may or may not work for everyone since it can look a bit muddy. If used sparingly, it works well to add depth to any look.

This is part of the velvet finish range. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan — the grey black with hints of gold.

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However, the gold does not transfer to the lid — it kind of gets lost between the pan and the brush. This is quite a famed shade. It works well as a crease colour or as an all over lid shade. Like Antiqued, this one is also from the veluxe pearl finish and is THE most gorgeous shade in the palette!

This is the one shade I would probably hit pan on and will need to buy a refill for my pro pan palette. It just brightens up the eye and blends so effortlessly.

temptalia mac holiday 2015 swatches Temptalia mac holiday 2015 swatches
temptalia mac holiday 2015 swatches Temptalia mac holiday 2015 swatches
temptalia mac holiday 2015 swatches Temptalia mac holiday 2015 swatches
temptalia mac holiday 2015 swatches Temptalia mac holiday 2015 swatches
temptalia mac holiday 2015 swatches Temptalia mac holiday 2015 swatches

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