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What is TikiToki Desktop?

The software is ready for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8. Timeline Maker is no freebie: If you are looking beyond timelines and willing to scale up project management functionality, browse some great agile project tools that can be employed in e-Learning. Aeon Timeline 2 Aeon Timeline is a desktop timeline creation tool intended for creative writers and thinkers.

Aeon is a flexible program with a wealth of features for writers and instructional designers. Key features Events, relationships, groups and more. Tools and controls to highlight and group events. Context and focus. Nested events, collapsing lanes, filters and other features to keep the audience focused on the relevant stuff. Easy navigation. Zoom in and out, scroll up and down, search timelines for needed data.

Full flexibility.

History with New Perspective

Predefined and custom templates, various display options, fantasy calendars, etc. Data Exchange. Importing CSV, exporting images, syncing with Scrivener and publishing timelines on the web — tools to help move your data around. Sutori Sutori is an online tool that allows teachers and students to craft historical timelines. The app uses social media patterns to deliver engaging content. Sutori timelines may encompass text, graphics, video, audio, quizzes, collaboration tools and more. Teachers can opt for ready-made timelines or create unique structures to share with the audience.

Long story short, this is a great piece of software that bridges specific training scenarios with feature-packed timeline making. As with many timeline generators, the basic account at Sutori is free.

Timeline 3D for Mac

Tiki-Toki Tiki-Toki is web-based timeline software with a close-to-indefinite number of use scenarios — from school projects or legal cases to personal diaries and family history. Primarily aimed at teachers, the tool enables instructional designers and learners to streamline their thoughts and educational projects. Key features Available as cloud-based software, or in Mac and Windows editions 3D timeline functionality, ability to include multimedia Integration with YouTube and Vimeo Unique URL for each timeline, easy to share with an audience Customization tools: The free account is limited to just one timeline.

Timeglider Timeglider is a web-based data-focused timeline maker. The user can capture a timeline, move it left and right, and zoom in and out as if it were Google Maps. Plus, the program allows trainers and learners to assess project phase duration and overlaps, collaborate with all stakeholders and share content across the whole contact base or target recipients. Smart pick for the educational folk! Key features Easy event creation.

10 Best Interactive Timeline Makers – 5 Free and 5 Paid

Double-click on the timeline and date. Use an intuitive date selector, insert a title and description, pick an icon and provide a link to external resources, if needed.

Animated PowerPoint Timeline Slide Design Tutorial

Visible color-coded timespan of events. Just choose start and end dates, and voila.

Custom timeline creator

Zooming and relevance tweaks. Event size on the timeline correlates with its importance. The user can assign an importance rating from 1 to points for each event. Zooming in brings less relevant events closer. You can share a special URL or plant a code on your web resources. The free version is available to students only.

Timeline 3D fits instructional designers that stick with Apple technology. Key features Revamped UI. Support for larger and more sophisticated timelines, optimized display on retina screens. Interactive timelines in 3D. Search and filter events in the course of a presentation, present details in your timelines as context. Sharing and exporting.

Timeline Makers

Cross-platform compatibility, easy integration with multimedia projects. Suitable for high-definition video content. Timeline 3D delivers high render quality of lighting, animations and other effects, as well as output resolutions of up to 4K. Creation of Keynote or Powerpoint slideshows. Integrate your timeline slideshow with other information, charts and media files.

Interactive sites. Easy printing. Convenient auto-layouts to fit a timeline into a single page, image and font optimization, etc. Timeline 3D is available free of charge with a number of in-app purchases in the desktop and mobile apps on Mac and iOS. ReadThinkWrite provides access to free high-quality learning materials and best practices in reading and language arts instruction.

One of the free online tools offered by the organization is a timeline generator , which allows students to perform sequential visualization of events and processes. Key features Flexible structuring by time of day, date, or event Labels with short or long descriptions and associated images Easy re-arranging of items: Saving and sharing.

Users can get back to incomplete work or share the outcome afterwards. The Timeline software is free of charge and available to students and teachers alike.

Top 10 Mac Project Management Tools

MyHistro MyHistro is a nice program for creating geo-located interactive timelines. MyHistro has a social angle, enabling friends and co-learners to map their personal stories or research projects.

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Key features Add text, video and images to build a dynamic timeline Mix maps and timelines in a single presentation Convert public timelines to PDF or export to Google Earth format for offline use. Embed timelines into a blog or website for better exposure Co-author events or stories with your friends by sharing a link MyHistro is ready for free download on the App Store.

Enjoy your mapping and timing experience at no cost! Novice timeline authors can use a Google spreadsheet, and experts may employ JSON skills to create custom structures. This software is probably a better fit for tech-savvy audiences. Key features Make timelines from a Google Spreadsheet. Copy the Timeline. Publish Timeline.

JS spreadsheet. Customize and finalize. Timeline 3D can be integrated into a professional workflow. It can also render beautiful files that can be integrated into multimedia projects or opened across any computer platform. With an in-app purchase, you can add professional level export and rendering features. Over the past 10 years, our customers have used Timeline 3D to make movies for national television broadcasts, wedding receptions, and school projects.

With the new Timeline 3D, we have increased the render quality of lighting and animations and added output resolutions up to 4K for integration into professional workflows or for presentation on the latest displays. Download examples H. Create a full-motion Keynote or Powerpoint slideshow. These slideshows can be played back on any computer including Windows PCs. The best part is that you can integrate your timeline slideshow with other titles, information, charts, and media.

best timeline apps for mac Best timeline apps for mac
best timeline apps for mac Best timeline apps for mac
best timeline apps for mac Best timeline apps for mac
best timeline apps for mac Best timeline apps for mac
best timeline apps for mac Best timeline apps for mac
best timeline apps for mac Best timeline apps for mac
best timeline apps for mac Best timeline apps for mac
best timeline apps for mac Best timeline apps for mac
Best timeline apps for mac

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