Martin mac 301 moving led wash head

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The MagicQ MQ80 is an extremely powerful console in a small size, supporting 24 universes direct from the console. The large central touch screen provides easy access to all MagicQ features and display and selection from full lighting plots. All from one platform, you can control conventional lights, LED fixtures, moving lights, and media. Outfitted with cutting-edge technology and unique features such as a keyboard drawer and a multi-touch command screen , the grandMA2 is perfect for all lighting segments.

It provides intuitive and speedy control of…. The grandMA2 onPC is used for running, programming, preprogramming offline, and backing up within the grandMA2 system. The VDO Sceptron 10 is a linear outdoor-rated LED video fixture for the rental market with 10 mm pixel pitch and an extensive range of optical accessories for a wide variety of looks.

The tightly packed array of over high power LEDs ensures maximum output and full-field, even distribution across a wide beam. Six unique zones of control allow ultimate flexibility while spectaular built in chases can…. This warm or cool white ERS-style fixture boasts extremely smooth dimming down to the very bottom of the curve as well as a flat and even field of light for superior gobo projection. Control options…. The grandMA2 light has 4, parameters, 15 motorized executor faders and two touchscreens available.

All further features and controls are identical to those on the grandMA2 full-size. The grandMA2 light is the perfect tool to control all kinds of lighting genres like conventionals, moving lights, LEDs, video and media. It supplies an intuitive and fast…. The grandMA full-size is the extensive integration of conventional lighting, moving lights, LED- and media server control in one console.


Completely compatible with the grandMA family, it is the largest version of the grandMA family of desks. With 20 motorized faders and three Touchscreen, the grandMA full-size has all the features that makes the grandMA….

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Smaller and lighter than the full-size console, the grandMA light offers every option the big brother has got. This more compact version is completely compatible with the grandMA family. With 10 faders and one Touchscreen, the grandMA light still has all the features that makes the grandMA so popular, like an internal UPS and motorized…. The grandMA Light is a compact console that does everything the larger grandMA does, only without some of the faders and touch screens.

Its full-color TFT…. The Full Boar 4 is a console that can handle anything from a local theatre performance to a stadium gig.

MAC 250 Wash

It makes total expansion possible so that you can create, edit, manage, and playback any…. HedgeHog 4 is the smallest in the Hog range, but has the might to run the same software as the larger Hogs. It is little, lightweight, and no problem to bring along on a plane.

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It runs…. SmartFade is small yet mighty, and ideal for applications with smaller dimmer counts where ease of use is imperative. It is much more than a two-scene preset board; it gives you high-end lighting control at a compact price. It has the scope for up to 24 moving lights and 48 dimmers intensity channels.

It is capable of patching two wide-ranging universes of DMXA 1, outputs , and gives you all the power…. These affordable, portable desks specialize in streamlined, plug-and-play setup; when the console powers up, it uses RDM to recognize intelligent lights in the rig and auto-populates them in patch. Simply use the on-board touchscreen to drag each fixture into place on a customizable stage map,…. It offers fully integrated control of media servers and conventional, LED, and moving lights.

It is extremely user-friendly and is perfect for beginners and…. Pearl Expert builds from the Pearl Operating system, preserving the ease of use and accessibility of Pearl consoles. Duo Processor, which gives it extraordinarily fast button response. An added 5 sub master playbacks make a total…. It is ideal for touring and installations with its durable steel housing that is built to last. The front panel features a…. It has an easy-to-read touchscreen that allows easy-to-use access to essential information.

The unit provides power across the spectrum, from deep cold blues to red hot lava looks all from a single fixture. Ideal for theatrical and rental distributors, exhibition houses, theaters, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues, rugged ColorBlast TRX fixtures…. These mighty, stage-ready fixtures integrate channels of red, green, blue, amber, and white LED sources to attain greater color accuracy and an increased color palette.

ColorBlaze TRX is perfect for theatrical and rental distributors, theaters, nightclubs, exhibition houses,…. Its temporary outdoor-rated robust housing repels water, snow, dirt, and sand for all-weather applications and is available in black or white. Powerful Cree LEDs partnered with a flexible software system generate stunning pixel mapping effects. A smooth dimming curve with a…. It is easy to use and to control, thanks to the onboard addressing and configuration features. It is perfect for theatrical and rental distributors, theaters, nightclubs, exhibition houses, and other entertainment….

With a degree light distribution, these RGB LED Color spheres can be hung anywhere in a room and give equal enjoyment to your entire audience. Featuring low energy LED sources, these spheres can be easily placed in any area of a function, and are available in two convenient sizes; a smaller sphere with a…. The PAR46 is a cost-efficient, multipurpose luminaire built for varied functions. One unit can perform numerous applications by simply swapping out the lamp.

The compact size of the PAR46 is perfect for concerts, nightclubs, television, film remotes, and architectural applications. Compact Fresnel spotlights provide an even, soft-edged beam. They are equipped with a C-clamp, color frame, and 3 foot cable. ColorFaders use digital electronics for uniformity and exactitude.

They utilize precision high temperature servomotors, and work with most digital controllers. They have a built-in line protector and confirm data signal reception with LED indicators. ColorFaders have many exclusive features that set them apart from other conventional color changers. ColorFaders employ an inventive dichromatic color system…. Controllable flash duration and variable adjustment of flash rate 20ms to 2 seconds and flash intensity allows for greater versatility and a range of effects.

DMX controllable, it uses an intelligent, integrated heat control that takes away…. They can be utilized in extremely tight spaces since they have the most compact cross section available in a MR strip. They also feature large hinged access doors, front mounted indicator lights, double color frame holders, and lampholders mounted with top-access screws.

The PARNel offers fresnel-like functionality and the remarkable…. They feature excellent brightness along with energy savings.

Source Four merges the energy efficiency of the patented HPL lamp with a dichroic reflector and optical-quality lenses to produce a powerful and vibrant beam. Gels, patterns, and shutters will keep going and spaces stay cooler. The Source Four offers incredible optical brilliance. Its innovative technology produces a vibrant white beam for unparalleled imaging, sharp pattern…. The Krypton 25 Kr 25 is a handy medium for the lighting industry.

The 4 DMX modes let you operate the…. The Panorama Cyc Power can use either hour lamps or hour lamps, and features infinite color change. It is an excellent option for architectural installations, building lighting, and large-scale indoor or exterior projects where…. ADJ is proud to offer the M inch glass mirror ball. This huge mirror ball will offer a massive spread of light reflections over every inch of wall, ceiling, and floor.

Martin Launches MAC 301 Wash: LED-Based MAC with Zoom

Perfect for those large events where you want everything to be covered by the classic mirror ball reflections. It is going to offer that spectacular Saturday night fever atmosphere you are looking for. It also has a removable IDC power cable and multiple-use bracket. The Radiance uses Luminous 7 Haze Fluid, which is extremely economical and provides great hang time.

To control the low-lying fog output, the stainless steel basket is lowered with the 3-step pivoting ratchet system. The basket is eased….

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  4. The DF emits haze with excellent hand-time 3 hours plus while expending less than 2 ounces of fluid per hour, which means that it costs only about a penny per minute to operate. It does not need to be warmed up prior to use, and…. Because it is operated with DMX, the nozzle can be programmed to swing from side to side while spraying the Co2 in opposite directions.

    The speed of the effect can be adjusted, which allows for time sequences, including timing to…. LightScape is a dazzling and versatile drapery that is bursting with brilliant pinpoints of light. Four fast shutter blades with smooth and precise movement offer individually angled positions within a frame — which itself can rotate through 90 degrees, providing a sharp or soft, precisely repeatable frame for the projected image.

    Martin Launches MAC Wash: LED-Based MAC with Zoom -

    Fast movement of the framing system also allows unique in air beam effects. Proudly built in the USA, the VL Wash luminaire has an output that exceeds 70, lumens as well as varied new options for color and beam control making it the standard by which all wash lights are measured. The VL Wash luminaire features internal zoomable beam optics with either Fresnel or Buxom options, an interchangeable front lens system, and an aperture wheel. The fixture provides CYM color mixing, variable CTO color temperature correction, dual five-position color wheels, a separate dimmer, and an independent dual blade strobe mechanism.

    From any zoom position, this mode can be engaged to offer a tight column of remarkably intense light making the VL the most versatile wash luminaire on the market. The VL Wash allows users to operate its single lamp at three different wattages via either a control channel setting or a lamp menu option. With only a setting adjustment, the fixture will run its short arc lamp at W, W or W without any detrimental effects on the lamp.

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    martin mac 301 moving led wash head Martin mac 301 moving led wash head

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