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Guides Start Here! What's new. Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. El Capitan stuck in a reboot loop. Thread starter LuoSam Start date Oct 3, Hey guys I have a hackintosh with yosemite clover bootloader and I just followed the clover guide to install el capitan. I've followed the steps like moving the kexts and disabling SIP etc. It goes to the apple logo boot screen for a few seconds and restarts, telling me i could press del for bios etc. I'm pretty sure im in a reboot loop. Here are my specs: -Gtx -i7 -B75mplus -8gb ram Any help would be of great help thx.

One-time boot arg or put it in config. I'm sort of relaying third-hand because I don't have a to work with. Guys firstly I don't have a laptop and secondly I have replaced my old Yosemite installation with the current El Capitan one that is not working so therefore I can't access my Mac 'desktop' and change the. The only thing I can do right now is access the clover boot screen or use the recovery hd partition.

Using the new unibeast. Ryan lcryan. My Mini is a stock mini 2. Usually this occurs when left idle for ten to twenty minutes. Using it the entire time seems to prevent this issue from occurring.

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I reformatted and freshly installed Sierra and the issue persists. The RAM was added about six months ago, but the restarts are a good deal more recent that that. I might add that it will also fail to boot when I attempt to cold boot. It gets stuck in a loop and the only way to make it boot at all is to go into recover mode, run first aid on the drive, then restart. It will run until I leave it idle for anything more than maybe ten minutes. This usually indicates a failing power supply.

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Over time the frequency of restarts will increase and you will not get a kernel panic with it. This was not the issue. I have replaced the power supply and there has been no clear change in the behavior of the device. Any other ideas?

Per a conversation with mayer I pulled the hard drive and booted to a fresh copy of sierra. It didn't take long for the issue to happen again even without the hard drive. This was after virus scanning. I assume that leaves only the logic board to replace? This is not any easy one. How about a history of the machine, Source of the replacement power supply. Any other upgrade or part replacements.

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I need something to go on here. It was used, which I suppose might be the issue, it being bad, but I don't know. It's a tough one, sir.

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What was happening with the original power supply? Do you have the original RAM? Were you having the issue before you upgrades the RAM? How long have you had this unit? Show 5 more comments. Unfortunately, replacing power supply did not help. The shutdowns kept getting more and more frequent. Doug d7fresh.

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Did anyone ever come up with a solution for this? My Mini has the same problem. It was my media server, so now I've replaced it with a Windows 10 PC. The mini is now in my workshop. A faulty power supply does seem like a plausible culprit for the random rebooting. I am toying with the idea of removing the existing power supply and powering it with an external 12 VDC power supply. Any thoughts? Am I wasting my time? Leslie Derby slowhuck.

Sorry, but I think Jon Price nailed it in a previous comment. Apple engineered an expiration date into the mid Mac Mini, triggered by their latest 'free' OS upgrades. There have been far too many people chasing the same issue, trying the same solutions, ending up with the same result. Now a committed Windoze user hate the software, but the hardware is solid.

follow url Clay survsub. Mine does this too.

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