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It comes with impressive graphics and one of the intriguing gameplay experiences. There is additional downloadable content too. Check Out This War of Mine. From political decisions to action-rich battles, you have to take decisions based on strategy. Every decision matters, depending on what you build at the end of the day.

It has been packed with an awesome design and storyline. You start off as a farmer but you come across a spirit and a rivalling group of civilization. What happens next depends on your actions and decisions. Sproggiwood lets you nurture various classes and prepare them for battle. Are you ready to travel towards the throne of Calradia?

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To do that, you have to prepare your team for never-ending battles and combat. Being a king, you have to take both personal and political decisions, even your marriage. In short, it has some impressive RPG elements too. You should consider this title if you are into high-end gameplays. Just in case you wanted to be a savior for humanity, sorry. You have to build a robot-based attack team and conquer the silly beings on the earth. Of course, you need to have a proper strategy; otherwise, you fail. The game comes with turn-by-turn tactics, online multiplayer and more. Europa Universalis IV is a strategy game that takes you through a long period of time.

You have to build your civilization and see how it survives the test of time. Compared to other strategy games, Europa Universalis IV offers more freedom for your decisions. As you progress through the large-enough map, you can get used to different systems like trading and commerce. It also offers cross-platform multiplayer games where your strategy and combat are important alike. You have to be the clan leaders and bring solace, through your political decisions and more.

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The clan will conquer places and extend the empire to other places, while you have to take the right decisions. Thanks to the larger community, you can play online multiplayer missions as well. This title has an impressive set of graphics and gameplay to offer. As you move along the timeline, you have to engage in battle and take some worthy decisions. While making sure that Viking clans are completely safe, The Banner Saga 2 wants you to explore sub-plots as well. Check Out The Banner Saga 2. RimWorld is still available as an early-access title on Steam. However, this does not mean that you have to compromise features or performance.

When RimWorld starts, you have three characters — survivors — who are struck in an unknown world.

Each of these three survivors have different stories to play, you know. That is the best part about RimWorld: it lets you change the story depending on the slight details. If you love a lot of stories that involve strategical playing, RimWorld would never bore you. Medieval II: Total War is set in a time when bloodthirsty battles were common. When it comes to gameplay, the graphics and choreography get better and better.

You can also engage in multiplayer matches via Internet or LAN. One of the best things about this strategy game is its reach itself. You have a huge community of gamers to play with. And, nothing beats a strategy game with a large user-base, you know. Most of these strategy games can work on the current Macs, subject to storage space and performance.

The 10 Best Mac Games

So, you can focus on getting a game of your taste instead of worrying about compatibility. Also, if you think you know some other great strategy games for Mac, do let us know via comments. The results are often long-winded, convoluted, and almost never go to plan. A weird, challenging, and an occasionally hilarious game that encourages creativity, meticulous planning, and spontaneous change-of-plans when things go wrong. Hitman is an incredible game, from its hugely detailed worlds to its complex and rewarding systems that encourage freedom.

A sprawling and complexly mechanical game with a simple premise: players drop onto an island and the last one standing or team standing wins.

Top 10 Real Time Strategy Games

You scavenge weapons and gear, as well as materials to build walls and barricades from thin air. It seemed to have worked, since the game has now become far more popular than PUBG ever was. The beloved and iconic strategy series have allowed players to rule over civilizations from all kinds of historical periods in the way that they see fit. Civilisation VI is the latest entry in the series, and with it comes the most accessible yet deeply complex Civ game yet.

8 best strategy games for PC and Mac you can play today

Long-time fans will find plenty to enjoy here, and newcomers will find it a great place to start. A must for any fans of strategy games, or people with an interest in history. New players can get character boosts that allow them the long leveling process if they so wish, and the game has never been friendlier to new players.

Although some may breeze through this game, for most it is one of the most uniquely challenging games ever created. Densely packed with a huge variety of puzzles, both big and small, yet designed around the simplest of puzzles. The Witness makes genius use of perspective, environment, light and shadow, and more to create some of the smartest and most head-scratching puzzles found in any game. Pools of acid can be ignited by flame spells, puddles of water can be electrified to deadly effect, etc.

The results can be truly volatile. A simple brawl can turn into a fiery hellscape with just one wrong move.

Rome: Total War

Newcomers to the genre may find a great starting point, whilst veterans will appreciate the throwback to RPGs of yesteryear. The weird, funny, and quirky 8-bit-inspired games are both a parody of similar games and a great game. Talking to them, joking with them, petting them, etc. Not every fight needs to end in violence. Undertale keeps track of everything you do, and it lets you know in some unexpected ways. A wonderfully simple and wonderfully charming game about a man and his dog making a delivery.

That how it starts, at least, but it quickly diverts into a magical and bizarre journey. It may not be quite as iconic or impactful as its predecessor, but Portal 2 is arguably a better game. Expanded mechanics, a more fleshed-out story, a hilariously charming companion voiced by comedian Stephen Merchant , and a great co-op campaign make Portal 2 an excellent and deeply-rewarding puzzle game.

Portal may be the game that everyone should play, but so is its sequel. Another excellent and very well-made single-player experience that makes you wish Valve put out more single-player games and less service-oriented games.

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It expands the foundation that the previous game laid, making it deeper, richer, and more accessible. XCOM 2 is an excellent game, and you can now enjoy it on Mac.

A game that requires a keen tactical mind, extensive mechanical knowledge, sharp skills, and very good multi-tasking skills. Its a game of routine and planning, as well as socializing and making friends. Its an irresistibly charming and warm-hearted game that is bound to relax even the most tightly-wound person.

best strategy games for mac 2013 Best strategy games for mac 2013
best strategy games for mac 2013 Best strategy games for mac 2013
best strategy games for mac 2013 Best strategy games for mac 2013
best strategy games for mac 2013 Best strategy games for mac 2013
best strategy games for mac 2013 Best strategy games for mac 2013
best strategy games for mac 2013 Best strategy games for mac 2013
best strategy games for mac 2013 Best strategy games for mac 2013

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