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I have a few shattered eye shadows and lots of loose mineral ones and pigments. But I want to. I meant that I want a palette for my single shadows that are already pressed — like my Urban Decay singles. Ah ok. Like Like. Love all these custom palette collections. NYX and Coastal Scents are great affordable options! I will say this over and over: the amount of work and dedication you put into each of your posts is absokutrly amazing! Somehow you can make this adult ADD undiagnosed, highly suspected lol! So informative and appreciated. Now, excuse me while I go buy some stuff.

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Aw thanks Belinda! I really enjoy researching and putting this post together! What do you have your eye on? The MUG palette is what has my eyes sparkling lol. It reminds me of a premade lux palette without the conformity, you know? The one thing that was missing and I would kill to find is a smaller less space wasting custom empty pallet for urban decay singles?

The nirvana pallet is gigantic, wastes space and you still have to use the little plastic tub that the eyeshadow pot is in. Is there any alternative?! Please Enail me if so. Those UD pans are terrible! I think your best bet is actually the z palette in the dome style as it is taller. I tried depotting my eyeshadows and when I saw a tiny-tiny dint on the pan, I was disappointed and never reached for it since then.

Still wanting to get one for myself though. This post is very cool!

I Finally Took The Plunge and Switched to the The Not So New Anymore MAC Palettes

Now I know what I will need. I love being able to choose my own shades in the customizable palettes! Even those NYX ones are a good option. I need to have a depotting party! Sadly, I do like the Z Palette concept — just wished they handled things better. The MUG ones are my next ones to purchase, along with their refills! You have a lot of eyeshadows!

A double-sided Pro Palette Compact that accommodates a variety of inserts.

I like the fact you have loads of singles. I just wish they would own up to their behaviour instead of excuses. By the way, I poured all of the Seventeen eye shadow into a jar and it works perfectly as a loose shadow. Thank you so much! It is. The only whole palette I reach for is the Abh palette.

Aaw great. I have to plan my next vacation to the UK for shopping, haha! Have you been to Copenhagen? It was one of my favourite trips of recent travels. Also, Tallinn, Estonia — very affordable! Having them all in one place makes a world of a difference. Do you have the smaller MUFE palette? I was thinking of getting one of those. My large one is neglected even though I love those blushes!

With the ColourPop palette, if you buy 4 of the single pressed shadows you get the palette for free.

M.A.C Palettes | Shop M.A.C Cosmetics - House of Fraser

You can get up to 2 palettes per order. I got 5 of their pressed shadows so they sent me the empty palette free.

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  • I Finally Took The Plunge and Switched to the The Not So New Anymore MAC Palettes.
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Ah, good to know about the ColourPop! Meh, Ulta is dead to me, if they choose to ignore us Canadians, then I ignore them! Ulta has been upping their game. I saw the announcement about MAC at Ulta — very interesting! I prefer the stand-alone stores though or ordering online since MAC has their own rewards program. As soon as I saw that print, I knew it was The One! This is like another planet my stash ……. Yeah, this type of post to my JAM! I love the research and the organizing.

Back in the day zpalette and unii were the only options! So glad the world is expanding and there are more choices. What the heck is wrong with zpalette?!? People are losing their ever loving minds I tell you! So informative! Too bad. I was hoping Z Palette would say they were hacked… so unprofessional of them. Glad you found this informative! Holy cow. I love how you always clearly go to so much effort for your posts; you can see you put plenty of effort into testing and research. This was very informative. Great post! Thank Nadine! I was surprised there were so many customizable options now too.

It used to be so limited — too bad for Z Palette, they will learn the hard way that people will choose an alternative. Cons: being an asshole on social media… that is funny! Sad, but still made me lol. I actually really like the MAC palette.

I should probably get one now while I can. I do have a Z Palette and really like it. Otherwise I forget what I have. Thanks for the roundup! I was so happy when MAC dropped their prices on the palettes! I like how they have clear lids too, and fit a lot of stuff in there. Yup, no more Z Palettes for me either — thank goodness there are so many options out there! My best friend passed along the small square Z palette to me since they bought the larger ones. It only houses the Cubic blush that I won from your giveaway last year. XD You need to get it a friend!

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Maybe a couple of eye shadows. Also, European drugstore brand Essence just came out with a pre-form system too. The palettes are 1. They also do face products for these palettes, but I have yet to spot those.

My Mac Palette – No Insert Needed!!!

They have yet to drop their prices over here. Oh we have Essence available here in Canada but a limited selection. I hope they will come here eventually. They are some of the best shadows I own! You always impress me with all the products you own. I wanted to try Addiction cosmetics for a long time but unfortunately it is not available in Malaysia.

The difference between real and fake MAC palettes

I think there are more Z palette dupes out there with cheaper price. You can try to get them too.

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