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The car application analyzes the records and works as a smart assistant when the car owner drives the vehicle. It analyzes many sides of the trip and provides the user helpful tips: how to drive more cautiously, how to reduce fuel consumption and how to extend the life of the car. The main goal of applications is to give the driver more insight into their car. Vehicle maintenance apps usually help to track car's service and gas fill-ups.

How to select the right OBD-II Scanner?

Here we gathered 6 best automotive diagnostic software solutions that provide a simple and acceptable way to monitor your car's health and have advantages and disadvantages. The software differs from the OS you have. Here are 3 automotive diagnostic software for Windows. AutoEnginuity's ScanTool is a great automotive diagnostic software for your Windows-based computer or laptop. The application supports coverage options for 48 carmakers. And it's also about the depth of this comprehension. The app allows the access to ABS, airbag, enhanced powertrain, instrument cluster, transmission, and dozens of other body and chassis controllers.

Considering the depth - it consists of online data, bi-directional controls, adaptive resets and learns, system tests, and trouble code retrieval and clearing. AutoEnginuity has great user-friendly interfaces without sacrificing its ease-of-use and can pan, allows zooming, and displays several plots on one graph. Other features include:. This reports help customers to customize necessary repairs and optional repairs. The application allows to display data in a comfortable form instead of raw data.

Data is logged in two formats: XML to use in browsers; and CSV for spreadsheets with the capability to change the format and view logs offline. Customizable sensor data. One can change the way displays the data about sensor's sampling rate, ranges, set alertable audio trigger points, units, and scaling value. ProScan is often sold as a mix with a hardware and software and contains all of all necessary cables, equipment, and software to make any PC into an OBD2 code reader. This software has some important benefits, and here are they:.

Fuel Economy tool.

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This car diagnostic tool helps to adapt driving behaviour to lower the fuel consumption of a vehicle. This tool could be launched during a test drives while buying a car. The analysis will be available after a quick drive and one can see the real fuel consumption data for the car based upon each driver's habits. This feature can help to make a best choice when buying a car and prevent from large costs.

Vehicle Connection Manager. The Vehicle Connection Manager is an interface you see when launch the program. To make PC - vehicle connection user should select the vehicle profile and connect via the program. It will show the connection status and view the report if the failure happens.

Freeze Frame Data. This tool allows to monitor any data at any period by saving all the previous information. It also show all detected problems and helps to resolve them. Oxygen Sensor Tests. This tool allows to display all tests your car had for all individual oxygen sensor. If the car has a problem, this tool will help to determine if the oxygen sensors have fails and detect exactly which sensor.

Diagnostic Report Generator. With it, you can view live sensor data for over 90 sensors. You can choose to display that data either as text or graphs. Additionally, TouchScan allows you to record and save diagnostic data. You can play it back at a later time when you are offline. Who is TouchScan made for? As you would expect, the two are similar in functionality. OBDwiz can read and erase engine codes, test emissions readiness, monitor fuel economy and display live sensor data. Whether you want your data as text or graphs, this OBD2 software for Windows will deliver.

Plus it can record and save the data. That may come in handy when you need to analyze the data later on. Who is OBDwiz made for? For that reason, you can use Toad Pro to turn off the Check Engine Light and reset transmission-related warning lights. Besides, this OBD2 software for Windows can monitor live sensor data, display freeze frame data, examine fuel economy and support ECU map editing.

The wide range of features is why some people consider Toad Pro a professional automotive diagnostic software. Who is Toad Pro made for? Toad Pro is a professional automotive diagnostic software meant for auto mechanics.

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Its impressive range of functions proves that. AutoEnginuity refers to this software as a professional-level diagnostic software for PC. With it, you can access engine, transmission , airbag, ABS, instrument cluster, body, and chassis systems. Besides, it allows you to perform some bidirectional tests, reset systems, relearn sensors, view live data, and log data.

Who is AutoEnginuity made for? Built to be compatible with generic OBD2 hardware interfaces, this software installs on most versions of Windows, starting from Windows 95 all through Windows 8. Compatible with OBD2 vehicles, this software is also capable of displaying live engine data, freeze frame data, fuel system status and so much more.

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Who is Engine Check made for? FORScan is arguably more popular as an app than a computer-based software. It allows you to read and erase DTCs from all available systems. In addition to that, this software can display live sensor data, test status, and service procedures. Its most significant consideration comes in vehicle compatibility.

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Who is FORScan made for? It offers significantly more than entry-level software. Codes come with definitions to help you understand the problem and how to fix it. It can read live data as well as freeze frame data. This OBD2 free software full version is designed for ordinary car owners.

The software has a simple and straightforward interface that can go to full screen. You can configure it to save the data automatically. The other best thing about OBD2Spy is that it provides a wide range of live data.


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You can view parameters such as engine RPM, calculated load value, intake manifold pressure, air flow rate and many more. Who is OBD2Spy made for? It also helps them monitor live data from sensors and monitors.

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Most pieces of OBD2 software come with English as the default language. But if you prefer yours in Italian, then Scanclic is probably your best pick. The software is entirely in Italian and has no alternative ones. Regardless, Scanclic is designed to read and erase engine trouble codes. Who is Scanclic made for?

best obd2 software for mac Best obd2 software for mac
best obd2 software for mac Best obd2 software for mac
best obd2 software for mac Best obd2 software for mac
best obd2 software for mac Best obd2 software for mac
best obd2 software for mac Best obd2 software for mac
best obd2 software for mac Best obd2 software for mac
best obd2 software for mac Best obd2 software for mac
best obd2 software for mac Best obd2 software for mac

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